Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hijab Style.

Salam Barakallah.

Nowaday Muslims peeps can wear hijab were ever they want to. I do wanna Share some of Hijab Style that I found from Google search and some are from my favorite peeps too. They are Hana Tajima , Yunalis Zarai and others. They are amazing. Many new style are being deco for muslims girl/women. from career peeps to housewife,, Muslims women don't need to be afraid of styling their hijab. Many style from whole world , Malaysian style, Indonesian style, European style, Morocco style, Arabian style, Indian style, Chinese style, African style and many more.

Yuna and Hana Tajima

Malaysian Teenager Style

Indian Hijab Style

Pakistan Hijab Style

Algerian Hijab Style

Indonesian Hijab Style

Chinese Hijab Style

Wearing Hijab is not a cause for not involving in sport. SUPERB.

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